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The customer communication management platform for stickier sales:

Your sales communications channel.

The customer communications platform built to boost sales.

In B2B sales, it normally takes a while to win that new contract. But when prospects ignore your messages, or when all the necessary decision-makers seem impossible to reach, you need a tool that helps your sales team provide sticky communications on every call.

x‑bees is the customer communications platform built to accelerate your B2B pipeline by doing what your sales team needs most: keeping in touch with prospects and putting all the decision-makers in one place.

Get x‑bees and bring your sales cycle:

  • Stickier customer communications that prospects won’t ignore

  • Chat groups and videoconferences that get all the decision-makers together the first time 

  • Analytics to help you win customers’ continued business


Stop being ignored. Learn how x‑bees helps your B2B sales team build a customer base that sticks around.

Ask for your FREE demo now to learn more about x-bees

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