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Cloud VoIP PBX

Wildix PBX is available in the Cloud or as a Virtual appliance or Physical.

Wildix PBX is available as a physical or virtual appliance or in the cloud.

Wildix software is fully integrated into the hardware, which helps to avoid problems related to third-party product integrations.

Multiple Wildix systems can be connected to provide a single global cluster. Wildix VoIP PBX is a reliable communication system for small or large businesses — it’s scalable and flexible and easily adapts to the needs of any company.




WMS is the administrative interface of PBX and unified communications. The web interface is integrated into the Wildix PBX and does not require any installation.

  • It’s entirely web-based and available in the browser on any OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. No client/software installation required.


  • Time savings on device configuration thanks to Wildix auto-provisioning: configure one or many devices at a time, with just one click. Add, manage, and update both on-site and remote devices belonging to your Wildix system, and assign phones to users via a single web interface.


  • Fast import of users & contacts: LDAP, Active Directory, Exchange Server, MSSQL, MySQL, Google, Office 365.


You can connect your PBXs, even those located in different cities and countries, via WMS Network – the network of intra-company communication in order to create one seamless and transparent communication environment in all the offices of your company.

In a Wildix network, one PBX takes up the functions of the server PBX. All the updates taking place on any client PBX become first known to the server PBX and then, in real-time, this information is passed to all the clients.

The Wildix WMS network cancels the distances between different sites of the company and enables all the users in different offices to collaborate as if they worked in the same office.

It’s common for companies to have branch offices all over the world. The WMS network allows centralized management, maintenance and update of all the users of the system (no matter which country they work in). All system services are available at each site.

With the WMS network, communication between users is free of charge (except for the Internet connection costs). Each user can connect to the system from any office of the company keeping the same internal number and account settings.

A new user added to the system is immediately visible and can be contacted by all the colleagues.

By choosing Wildix you choose a complete solution: Fax server and failover are by default integrated into the Wildix phone system without any additional licenses.

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