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CLASSOUND: The Full Integrated VoIP Service for Local & International Calls

International businesses need an international unified communications solution. Even when you’re only placing national calls, it’s essential that your communication service is flexible and reliable enough to support all your operations.

For multi-site companies, unified communications as a service on its own can’t sufficiently enable business processes. On top of VoIP calling services and UCaaS, these businesses need to reliably access international telephone lines and global call forwarding. Many phone, SIP trunk and VoIP services attempt to address this issue, but most of them end up creating issues instead.

Using most SIP trunking services, your business is stuck with:

  • Limited coverage: Out of the box, most SIP trunks cover only one region, making them a poor choice for international calls. To get wider coverage, you have to spend excessive time and money coordinating with your carrier and international service providers.

  • Excessive tech issues: Up to 50% of problems with a UCaaS system stem from SIP trunking issues. Under most setups, carriers provide little to no support in addressing these problems, leaving your unified communications technology more difficult to use.

  • Inconvenient installs: Setting up most SIP trunks requires hours of careful labour, during which businesses can’t use their UCaaS system. If you need to port numbers, you'll also have to coordinate with a previous SIP trunk carrier, increasing downtime and frustrations.

  • Frustration over invoices: When SIP trunking is charged per minute, the final bill is often confusing. Worse, this model encourages businesses to decrease their international calls for the sake of cost savings. Then at the end of each month, it's rarely clear if you should pay your MSP or your SIP trunk carrier.


On top of all these problems, most SIP trunks do not provide effective failover or fax support on a global level. And worse, these VoIP SIP trunks do not offer support for HD audio.

Only Wildix has a 100% secure SIP trunking solution that brings companies VoIP calls to 200+ (DIDs in 100+) countries and territories. 

With Wildix, international calls are available entirely from your VoIP phone, mobile phone or any device on your internet connection.

It’s all possible with Wildix’s revolutionary way of connecting to international phone lines: CLASSOUND, your international carrier for First Class Sound all around the globe.

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